Tuna Casserole Recipe

It is amazing how many people have asked for my tuna casserole recipe.  I thought nearly everyone HATES Tuna casserole! 
Well, instead of re-typing it every time, I'll just put it up here for easy access to all who want it.

Rather than listing the ingredients and amounts up top like a normal recipe does, you have to read the whole thing, because it varies, and you may want to adjust the quantities depending on the number of people you want to feed.

This recipe is enough to feed at least four really hungry people, (or if you  like to eat leftovers for several days).. Otherwise, adjust the quantities appropriately:

Start out boiling your noodles...  I always used wide egg noodles, but last time, I put in about 1/3 rigatoni too.  I like it much better with the rigatoni.. Next time, it will be all rigatoni to see what that is like, but I know that I'll do at least half rigatoni and half the wide egg noodles from now on,  if the all rigatoni recipe doesn't work well.    
I use 6-8 ounces of dry noodles.

  Preheat oven somewhere  around 375-400.

  Coarsely chop up enough fresh onion to make a generous handfull.    

Spray oven safe casserole pan with Pam (the new olive oil one is best) or whatever you use to keep food from sticking.  
(This recipe, as is, fills a 10 inch square, 2-1/4 inch deep Corning Ware casserole pan to the brim)

Crumble Fritos or other corn chips just enough to cover the bottom.  

Sprinkle shredded cheese, thin layer, just enough to cover the crumbled chips.  I usually use the Walmart bulk shredded  Colby /Monterrey Jack mix, but I reckon any kind will do.    

When noodles are done, drain, and put back in the pan you used for boiling them  

Mix in two cans of Cream of *Anything* soup.  Usually I use cream of mushroom, but I have used cream of chicken, cream of onion,  or 'mix&match'.  Last time I used one mushroom and one can of Walmart brand of cream of celery, and it added a really nice flavor.    

Mix in one large can or two small cans of tuna*.    

Mix in chopped onion.  

If desired, mix in some kind of veggies.   
I think Tuna Casserole 'purists' would leave them out, or serve as a side, but I'm too lazy to fix them as a side for myself, so I put them in the mix.
Peas work seem to work best.  Use canned veggies if you want.  I hate any kind of CANNED veggies other than corn, so I use frozen. (I usually heat them up a bit before I put them in the mix)  Green beans are OK, Corn OK,  diced or sliced carrots would be OK, I think, but I never tried them. Thick slices of celery are good too. (Any thinner than about 1/4 inch slices tend to disappear).

Mix thoroughly.  

  Spoon and level about half the mixture on top of the cheese/corn chip crumble.    

Add a moderate layer of shredded cheese.    

Spoon and make level the other half of the mixture on top of the cheese.

Another thin layer of shredded cheese.   Crumble corn chips on top of that.   and then top the chip crumbles with a light sprinkling of cheese.  (Sometimes , when I think of it, I'll give it a dusting of dry parmesan cheese too.)  

Stick it in the oven, uncovered, and heat in there untill the top is brown and a bit crunchy, the edges are bubbling, and hopefully the center nice and hot.  

*If you don't like tuna,  this recipe will also work with cooked and diced chicken, turkey, ham;  hamburger,  sliced sausage,  or even diced Spam.  

Wanna go vegetarian?  Use red kidney beans instead of tuna or meat.

I've also thought about adding a few ounces of sour cream to the mix.  Haven't tried it yet because the other person I have to cook for is fussy about her food, but I think it would add an interesting taste without destroying the general '"home cookin" yumminess'.